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Complete Product List
Here is a complete list of all products offered.  If you find something that interests you, please contact us via email at

Chip & Dip Platter
Small Round Pitcher
Chip & Dip Bowl
Medium Round Pitcher
Personal Chip & Dip
Large Round Pitcher
Jumbo Round Pitcher
Onion Keeper
Berry Bowl
Berry Bowl Plate
Medium Mug
Medium Utensil Holder
Large Mug
Large Utensil Holder
Jumbo Mug
Small Torpedo Vase
Medium Torpedo Vase
Large Torpedo Vase
Spoon Rest
Small Horn Vase
Brie Dish
Medium Horn Vase
Pasta Dish, 9"
Large Horn Vase
Pasta Dish, 11"
Small Traditional Vase
Pie Dish w/ Handles, 9"
Medium Traditional Vase
Pie Dish w/ Handles, 11"
Large Traditional Vase
Large Platter, 15" minimum
Small Slendered Squared Vase
Medium Slendered Squared Vase
Large Slendered Squared Vase
Jumbo Slendered Squared Vase
Small Round Squared Vase
Medium Round Squared Vase
Large Round Squared Vase
Jumbo Round Squared Vase
Lamp, 10" to 12" Base w/ Shade
(Total Height: 17"-19")
(Total Height: 23")
(Total Height: 28" - 30")